MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器
MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器

MH-033 8L大容量超音波加湿器

$179.99 USD
$139.99 USD

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Tank capacity2.1Gal
Mist output300mL/H
Floor Area500ft²
Humidification in one filling36 hours
Control MethodRemote
Dimensions28.74 x 10.43 x 10.43  inches
Shipping timeUSA local delivery 3-7days

Humidifier for large room

Large 2.1Gal capacity allows for 36 hours of continuous use; with a super high mist output of up to 300ml/hr, can easily handle a bedroom and living room, or office.

Keep Humidity and Live a Healthy Life

 Keecoon's ultrasonic humidifier can suppress both and naturally create a comfortable humidity of about 50%.

Tower Type for a Large Room

The tower design can emit mist from high places to humidify more space.

General humidifier

Humidify from a low position, moisturizes only a narrow area.

Our humidifier

Humidify from a high position, moisturizes  a large area.

2.1Gal Large Capacity

With a large 2.1 Gallons/ 8 Liters water tank, the humidifier adds moisture to your space up to 500 ft². You don't need to add water frequently anymore!

Top Fill & No Leakage

You can easily open the lid to add water from the top. It equipped with a pump pipe to upwards the water vertically, and makes no leakage.

More Than A Humidifier

With an essential oil tray at the back, you can drop 2-3 drops of essential oil to help release and have a break.

Whisper Quiet

Ultrasonic technology produces much less noise so that you can enjoy the comforts without being disturbed.

Quick Controls

Sensitive touch makes it easy to operate, and the remote is very handy as you can control settings from a distance. Enjoy maximum convenience while customizing all the settings.

Humidistat & 3 Mist Settings

You can customize your humidity between 40%-90% with the humidistat/console in it. 3 speeds of fine and even humidification in maximum of 300mL/h output.

Auto Shut-off

Rest easy with the auto shut-off function as the humidifier will automatically turn off once it is out of the water, ensuring your safety and preventing any damage to the machine.

1-12 Hours Timer

You can set it on 1-12 hours as you like to suit your schedule and save power while you sleep or go out.

Easy to Clean

The wide opening gives you easy access to thoroughly clean, making maintenance a breeze!


  • 1 * MH-033 Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • 1 * User manual
  • 1 * Remote control
  • 1 * Cleaning brush (gift)


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