YOKEKON 1.05Gal Top Fill Evaporative Humidifier with 280mL Output and Essential Oil Tray, Humidifiers with Wick Filter for Home, Baby(Green/White)

$49.99 USD
$125.99 USD
Capacity1.05 Gal
Constant moisture timeUp to 24 hours
Automatic shut-offYes
Remote controlYes

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Moisturizes every day

Mist-Free Evaporative


Why do many customers choose it?

Top-filled Design

Mist-Free Evaporative

2-speed Levels

Sleep mode

Easy to clean

With Essential Oils Tray

Wateless Auto Shut-off

Remote control

Keeping humidity levels between 40-60% has many benefits

 1  Helps relieve congestion and cough

Offers an effective solution to counteract the effects of dry harsh winter air by adding essential moisture to any room.

 2  Helps keep plants healthier

Using a humidifier helps return moisture to the air promoting plant growth.

 3  Helps protect wood furniture

Low humidity causes wood to lose moisture and shrink. Extreme changes can cause warping and cracking.

 4  Helps reduce static electricity

Returning moisture to dry air helps reduce static shocks.

Humidifiers may help fight flu

Research suggests the virus may spread more easily in dry air. We’re in these really controlled indoor environments, where the air isn’t circulating, and we are breathing in what everyone else has breathed out. So, keeping the air more humid may mean fewer particles of flu floating around, so you’re less likely to breathe them in later.

 Top Fill Tower Humidifier

Pour water from above without carrying the tank!

 1.05 Gal large capacity

It operates continuously for 24 hours and can be used with confidence even at bedtime.

 Intelligent humidity adjustment

Always gets the exact value of humidity level so that you can set a suitable and comfortable humidity level based on the surrounding environment.

 2-speed setting

 2 speed settings (low, high) adjustable for moisture output.

 Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Evaporative technique enables this humidifier to quietly releases moisture into the air without mist that helps make you & your home more comfortable.

Power consumptionX

 1  Energy Saving

Low power consumption, so you can use it every day.

 2  Safety and security

The mist is not hot so it is safe for the small children and pets.

 3  Low noise

Without the motor, so the sound is really quite.

 Filtered Cool Moisture

As the air passes through the humidification filter, the pathogens, dust and particulate matter inside are filtered and purified.

 Sleep mode

In sleep mode, the lights are turned off, quiet driving is started, and a good sleep environment is provided.

 Whisper Quiet Operation

Ultrasonic air diffusion produces less than 35 dB for a quiet humidification that even babies cannot hear, you can comfortable enjoy your leisure time at home.

 1-12 Hours Timer

Can set the shutdown time from 1 hour to 12 hours, ensure your safety and also save cost when you sleep or go out!

 Waterless Auto Shut-Off

Automatically turn off once the humidifier is out of water, preventing any damage to the machine.

 With Essential Oils Tray

For your aromatherapy massage, guitar play, entertain or relaxation, JUST slide the side tray and add tiny drops of essential oils.

 Easy to clean

Open the lid, you can easily clean the entire water tank.

 Equipped with touch sensor

Equipped with a touch sensor that looks and operates smartly. It can be easily operated with a light touch.

 Remote control operation

You can remotely control it while relaxing on the sofa.