AD-039 Air Disinfector
AD-039 Air Disinfector
AD-039 Air Disinfector

AD-039 Air Disinfector

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This item need 4-6days to produce. 

Max. Mist Output 1500mL/h, Area Coverage Up to 1000 sq.ft

Air sterilizers are mainly used in hospitals, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, etc., rather than general humidifiers, it can also be used in other large areas such as shopping malls. 

Corrosion-resistant ABS material

The main function of air disinfection is to atomize disinfectant such as hypochlorous acid water, which is equivalent to the humidifier used for disinfection liquid. The main materials are alloys and ABS, which have strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance

Can hold 2.5 liters of hypochlorous acid water

You can directly use and quickly replace 2.5 liters/bottle of hypochlorous acid water. The ultrasonic humidifier also includes an empty 2.5-liter corrosion-resistant bottle. You can also use diluted hypochlorous acid water

Convenient to move

Lithium battery Built-in. If you turn off the power, it can continuous to work for 3 hours. There are 4 support feet under the machine, so you can use the handle to move freely. The size is 20.86(L) x 11.02(W) x 55.91(H) INCH, you can put the mist tubes and the power cable into the machine, the storage is very convenient and does not take up space

12-hour Timer/Remote Control Compatible

Equipped with a timer function, which can automatically turn off the power once reach to the setting. You can feel at ease when you sleep or go out under the case that you forget to turn off the power. A remote control is also provided so that you can operate easily!

  • Can directly use 2.5L disinfection water bottle and replace bottle quickly. Can also put into the prepared hypochlorous acid water.
  • Built-in lithium battery, can work continuously up to 3 hours.
  • The maximum mist output reaches 1500ML/H.
  • Easy to move and store. 5. Especially suitable for medical institutions, offices, schools, factories, warehouses and other large areas that need to be disinfected.