YOKEKON Standing Outdoor Fan for Patio, 12" Rechargeable Camping Fan with Remote Light, 12000mAh Battery Operated Oscillating Fan, Quiet, 8 Speeds, Timer, Beach/Bedroom/room/office

$139.99 USD
$120.99 USD
Power SourceBattery Powered, Cord Electric
Special FeatureAdjustable Height, Timer, Adjustable Tilt, Oscillating, Desk/Wall Mount/Pedestal Fan 3-in-1,Nightlight,
Number of Blades7
Control MethodRemote, Touch
ColorGreyCoffee (a brownish color)
Item Weight6.1 pounds
Dimensions4.92"D x 11.82"W x 41"H
Shipping timeUSA local delivery 3-7days

Why choose YOKEKON Standing Outdoor Fan?

1. Cordless pedestal fan
It can run for at least 48 hours in cordless state* after charging fully. (*The wind speed is set on level 1 and no oscillition)

What's more, cordless design allows you to move it freely anywhere and anytime, enjoying cool air conveniently and efficiently!

Whether you intend to throw a party or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with your kid, this cordless standing fan can be a good choice for your outdoor activities. Of course, you can also plug in with the power cord and use it as a normal wired appliance.

Auto oscillation in wide range

The pedestal fan has 90/120/150° left and right automatic oscillation to cover everyone.

3. DC motor equipped

The cordless fan is equipped with a DC motor so that it can blow quiet breezy wind feeling like natural breeze.

4. 8 levels of wind speed & Timing & Nightlight

Meet your needs from soft to strong wind breeze, and 1-8 timer shut-off can cover your whole night sweet dream. Moreover, the fan is equipped with a night light function. The warm-colored nightlight is soft, does not hurt the eyes, and does not affect sleep. It is also suitable for fishing/camping at night.

With a tripod holder, the height of the oscillating fan can be fully adjusted to 37 inches. And the tripod enables the fan to be placed on outdoor unstable ground. When the tripod is removed, it can be transferred to a desk fan. Or hanging the fan from a suitable location creates an overhead breeze. You can bring cool wind everywhere you need it. It is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

Adjustable Fan Height

When you extend the tripod, it can reach about 37 inches in a fully open state. If you don't extend the legs, it will be about 29 inches. Moreover, you can freely adjust the opening angle of the tripod, and if you reduce the angle, it is possible to increase its height beyond 29/37 inches.

High performance DC motor

With a DC motor, the fan can work at an extreme silent level, only 13db for level 1. A pleasant and quiet breeze is perfect for bedroom in summer. In addition, DC motors enable more advanced energy savings!

Easy to Carry and Store

When you remove the tripod, it not only can be used as a table fan or wall-mounted fan but also becomes smaller in size, making it easy to store and carry.

Special design fan blade

This fan has larger and more fan blades(7), which helps to blow breezy soft wind and flow air widely.

Easy to control

The longest remote control distance can up to 24m ! NOTICE: Make sure no blocking between remote and fan when using.

Sleep Friendly

The fan is equipped with a night light function. The warm-colored nightlight is soft, does not hurt the eyes, and does not affect sleep. It is also suitable for fishing/camping at night.

Not only outdoor

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The oscillating standing fan provides a cooling breeze not only outdoors but also in an office or living room. The floor fan works in tandem with air conditioning to quickly spread cool air throughout the room with the broad oscillation angle head. .