Why humidifier can help prevent flu and cough?

Why humidifier can help prevent flu and cough?

How magic can you think a humidifier could be? Moisten air, relieve symptoms of allergies, sinus congestion, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody noses, irritated vocal cords, cracked lips ……and what else? Continue reading!

Prevent Influenza from Developing and Relieve Coughs

According to certain research, at low relative humidity, influenza retains maximal infectivity and inactivation of the viru. Flu germs and other viruses survive and spread more easily in dry air conditions.

By contrast, at higher relative humidity it will rapidly inactivate after coughing. Although virus carried on aerosol particles <4 µM have the potential for remaining suspended in air currents longer and traveling further distances than those on larger particles, their rapid inactivation at high humidity tempers this concern. It also concludes that maintaining indoor relative humidity >40% will significantly deactivated virus particles, making them much less likely to be infectious. *Resourced: High Humidity Leads to Loss of Infectious Influenza Virus from Simulated Coughs

Another study from the National Institution for Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) also found that when humidity levels were at 23%, 70 to 77% of flu virus particles were still able to cause an infection an hour after coughing. Raising humidity levels to 43% caused only 14% of flu particles to be able to cause an infection.

Therefore, humidifiers might help reduce the risk of catching the flu. Two tips when you are trying to curb the spread of flu germs:

-Keep the Proper Humidity Level: Aim to maintain a humidity level between 45% and 50% relative humidity.

-Measure Humidity Level Precisely: A remoter can help you have real-time information about your home’s current relative humidity and adjust it whenever needed.

Other Tips to Prevent Coughs and the Spread of the Flu

-Avoid close contact with those who are sick. When you’re sick, keep your distance from others to help protect them too. Whenever possible, stay home from work, school, or other errands.

-Cover Your Mouth and Nose: To help prevent those around you from getting sick, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

-Develop Good Health Habits: Like washing your hands often, cleaning those frequently touched surfaces, being physically active, getting plenty of rest and so on.

All in all, using humidifiers is just a home remedy, not a medical treatment. Ask for advice from your doctor and choose the most appropriate kind of humidifier for your own physical conditio. Wish us all in good health!